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Need a great podcast to listen to on the elliptical machine or while you're knitting?  

Here are some great options.  You're welcome.

Crooked Media is a family of podcasts led by 3 smart & hilarious Obama speech writers. All are awesome. 

​            Pod Save America

            Pod Save the People

            Lovett Or Leave It

            With Friends Like These

​            Pod Save the World

The Daily, from the New York Times - Everything you need to know to start your day, all in 20 minutes

Civics 101, from New Hampshire Public Radio - Bone up on civics you should have learned in school...but probably didn't

Revisionist History, with Malcolm Gladwell

Women Rule, from Politico

The Ezra Klein Show, from Vox

Can He Do That? from the Washington Post - Yes, they're talking about Trump

FiveThirtyEight Politics, with Nate Silver

Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting

Politics & More, from the New Yorker

Dazzling Podcasts