Political & Community Action in Evanston

We've partnered with RefugeeOne to support refugee families in our community.  We tutor refugee children and do our best to help families adjust to their new culture here in Evanston.

We are also working to co-sponsor a refugee family to relocate to our community.  

Get Shit Done started with a group of friends in Evanston meeting on a Sunday just after Donald Trump was elected president. We wanted to do something, anything, to counteract what horrible things we knew would be coming from the new administration.

We're concerned about voting rights, women's rights, immigrants' rights, LGBTQ rights and all the other rights that are under attack right now.
And we're doing something about it!

We send email action alerts several times per week, letting on our members know what they can do to make a difference right now.  All our actions are fast, easy and get results.

Our actions include making phone calls to our representatives, supporting and/or opposing legislation here in Illinois, phone banking, canvassing and much more.

We also host events with our elected officials and candidates running for office.

What we do

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How we got started

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